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Talavera Frog Planter Mexican Talavera pottery is a type of glazed ceramic earthenware covered with an opaque glaze of tin oxide and usually highly decorated.

Talavera pottery was introduced by Spaniards in Puebla, Mexico in 1531. The region's quality clay along with an artistic community allowed Mexican Talavera Pottery to acheive a quality and beauty that remains popular to this day.

Talavera pottery decorates much of Puebla, Mexico's architecture and interior design.

Several craftsmen from Talavera de la Reina, Spain established Talavera pottery workshops in Mexico during the 16th Century. The indigenous people of Mexico were accomplished potters with a long tradition of producing Mexican pottery. The abundance of churches and monasteries being constructed in the region made selling Mexican Talavera pottery a profitable business.

Talavera SunA pottery guild was formed in the Puebla, Mexico region, to maintain high quality standards for the production of Mexican Talavera pottery. This resulted in consistent and uniform Talavera pottery production with a distinctive pottery style and design excellence. Mexican Talavera pottery emulates artistic techniqes from many cultures and includes a variety of colors, such as green, mauve, yellow and blue.

Mexican Talavera pottery continues to be produced and exported from Puebla, and Talavera pottery of extraordinary quality can be purchased from specialty retailers at a premium price. The popularity of Talavera pottery often spawns low cost imitations. Authentic Mexican Talavera pottery is signed at the base by the pottery workshop that produced it and states that it is from Puebla.

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Our Talavera Pottery is handmade and hand painted in Mexico by highly skilled artisans.  Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  Please be aware of this when placing an order.

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